Personal Insurance

Merit maintains relationships with a wide range of insurance providers to ensure that
the best products, services, and care are always available to you.


Auto insurance is a vital part of car ownership- it provides protection for you, your car, and other drivers.

Auto insurance will protect you and your investment in the event of an accident, damage, injury, or theft. Merit can help you determine the best auto coverage for you.


Merit Insurance provides special plans for condominium unit owners to help cover damages, building alterations, and personal property protection.


Did you know that only ⅓ of Americans living in flood-prone areas have proper flood insurance?

Merit can help you determine what kind of protection your home needs and find a program that effectively protects your home and belongings.


Homeowners insurance provides day-to-day peace of mind that your home and personal belongings will be safe in case of a natural disaster, fire, theft, or legal action. Merit’s seasoned experts will go through your individual needs to set you up with the best policy for you.

Home Business

Many home business owners operate with a serious gap in their insurance coverage because they often do not realize that homeowner’s insurance does not extend to cover business risks. But by extending your homeowner’s policy to include business use, you fill in those gaps and have all your protection under one roof. Plus, extending an existing policy costs less than a traditional business policy because there are no overlaps in coverage. Merit can help you determine if this is a suitable solution for you and your business.

Personal Umbrella

Personal Umbrella plans provide extra coverage past your homeowner’s and auto insurance policies and protect you against serious costs, like large legal or court fees that your homeowner’s policy cannot fully cover.


Having renters insurance can mean steady peace of mind in an otherwise unsteady situation. It will provide coverage for natural disasters, theft, fire, vandalism, alternative living expenses, injury to yourself or others, and other hazards.


Insuring your boat means safety and protection for you and anyone aboard. Merit has years of experience in helping our customers find the right watercraft coverage for you.